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Bonnee was very professional, patient and extremely helpful in finding our perfect home. She provided direction and advice on our selection and was extremely helpful in us avoiding some pitfalls of home buying in a very hard to find market. - Lupe & David M.  San Diego

Bonnee was very professional

When I first relocated to California from Minnesota, I was living from hotel to hotel and wound up in a tiny, short-termed rental unit in downtown San Diego. I was becoming more and more disillusioned with my current Realtor whom I had been working with for quite some time. Then one day I said to myself, "enough is enough!" The Realtor that I was dealing with had not been very helpful, so I ventured out on my own. As I perused several neighborhoods for available homes without much success, I came across a Realtor who was just closing up her open house and picking up her signs. I asked her if I could get in to see the house that she had held open and she told me the open house was ended for the day as the owners had returned to the residence and were preparing to eat dinner. At that point, I was losing hope in finding a suitable home and asked her if I could get in to see the house anyway. She went out of her way and asked the owner If she could show the house one more time even though it was way past the closing time. After seeing the house, though, it was not to my liking.

First thing that came to my mind was that this was a waste of my time. But then I realized that this Realtor was willing to work for me and it began a great relationship. She was genuinely interested in what I wanted and what I was looking for. So, we started a long journey together to find the house that I wanted. One was too big, another was too small, the next one needed too much work... This went on for quite some time. However, we got to know each other and at that point she knew exactly what I wanted and searched until she found the home of my dreams, which was not an easy task. The house I finally purchased had all the features I was looking for: a pool, a granny flat on a nice-sized piece of property (just to name a few). But even more importantly, she was concerned that I got what I wanted. It happened because of her knowledge, tenacity, diligence and her willingness to put up with my eccentricities. Not only is Bonnee an extraordinary Realtor, but she has become a very good friend!   -- C.Cantale, Blossom Valley, El Cajon

Bonnee's concern was to find the exact home that I was looking for